Liz Lark-Riley

Liz Lark-Riley

Senior Customer Relationship Manager, Mahoney's Garden Centers

For years, Liz Lark-Riley was the managing director for Rockledge Gardens, a 5-acre garden center, farmers market, and wedding venue. Begun by her husband's grandparents, Harry and Mary Witte in 1960, and carried on by her mother and father-in-law, Kevin and Theresa Riley, Rockledge Gardens has become a meaningful hub for the community of Brevard and a destination in Central Florida. Liz is now the senior customer relationship manager at Mahoney's Garden Center in the Greater Boston area.

She is passionate about leading her team with equal parts candor and compassion along with an expectation of excellence. As a self-described "personal development junkie" Liz feels fortunate to work in the green industry because "growth" is her very favorite thing.

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