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Jessica DeGraaf

Jessica DeGraaf

Director of Retail Accounts, Proven Winners®

Jessica DeGraaf is a lifelong gardening enthusiast who quite literally grew up in the horticulture business, learning about plants while toting hoses through her parents’ garden center in Northern Michigan. After receiving undergraduate and master's degrees in Horticulture from Michigan State University, she went on to work for numerous large grower operations in support-oriented roles. A year spent in Germany working for a global breeding company helped Jessica understand more about the European market and how to apply those lessons to her work in the U.S.

In her current position as Retail Account Manager for Proven Winners, Jessica is focused exclusively on building relationships with and innovative marketing programs for independent garden centers. Jessica has never met a plant she doesn’t like and enjoys spending her free time gardening, hiking and traveling with her husband, two children and her dachshund Brunhilde.


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