Building A Business Community

Rockledge Gardens Tour

Location Information


Rockledge Gardens
2153 US-1
Rockledge, Florida 32955


Sunday, July 31, 2022
1:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Fee: $30 per person - (not included with cost of registration, space is limited)


Take a tour of the expansive and diverse grounds at Rockledge Gardens, and learn how the Florida IGC has worked with local businesses as well as nonprofits to create stores within the garden center. The Rockledge staff will walk you through each store-within-a-store from the beginning of the partnership through its success.

Topics we’ll cover will include:

  • Working with outside vendors, setting expectations and identifying good fits for your IGC
  • Building relationships and cross-promoting other local businesses
  • Custom branding through local partnerships to promote your IGC and take control of your brand
  • Consignment vending both big and small
  • Opportunities with nonprofits
  • Roundtable discussion about your pain points and questions regarding hosting local vendors, creating a space for a store within a store, promoting your partners, etc.

Dinner will be provided at Rockledge Gardens following the workshops and tour. Transportation from the hotel to Rockledge and back is also included.

Get a sneak peek of what you’ll learn on the tour.